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Introducing MEC

MEC is a software company which provides customers with a wide range of Information services, which are developing, operating and maintaining system, assisting input or constructing networking since it was established in 1967. It is located in Matsusaka City in Mie prefecture in Japan and has about 299 employees (As of October, 2018).


** Warning **
The candidates have been filled.
You can not apply for the internship any more.

During the summer vacation, we are holding an internship. We provide you with free flight tickets, free accommodation and living support.
* We give first priority to students in Japanese IT Program.

From August 1st to August 10th. (10 days)

You will learn how to develop a web based system with Raspbery Pi.

The interns will learn;
- the procedure to develop a web system based on our real process
- how to design system
- how to program in HTML, Javascript, CSS, Python, etc
- how to use Raspbery Pi
- how to test a system

We won't pay for the interns(they can't make money)


Because of the decreasing of opportunities to hire new graduates in Japan due to the aging population, we are hiring IT engineers globally.

[Opening position (job type)]
* In the future, you will be involved in designing system or database, etc.

[Career development]
We have the knowledge and experience of developing IT engineers to the advanced level. Our employees will be given a wide range of opportunities for improving your IT skills. You will experience several phases of developing system such as requirements analysis, designing system, database, programming, testing and maintaining.

- The same amount of salary as Japanese engineers.
   It is about 200,000 yen(40,000,000 vnd)
- Free accommodation
- Free round-trip flight ticket with a paid vacation annually
- Financial support for learning Japanese
- Living support

[Development environment to use]
Java,, C#, C++, HTML, JavaScript, SQL Server, etc
*You don't need to know how to use of all of them. The list is just an introduction that you will be involved in some of them.
*We have research projects like IoT. You have a chance to be involved in the trendy technologies such as AWS, Django.

[Incentive system]
We have an incentive system that encourages our employees to learn something related to the business. If they pass the exam, we give a certain amount of bonus.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert 10,000,000 VND
Oracle Master Gold 6,000,000 VND

[Working environment]
There are eight Vietnams and one Myanmar engineers working for us as of April, 2019. We are working on projects all together. You don't have to be worried whether you can go along with Japanese staff or keep up with the job. Our skillful staff will be willing to help you improve. Communication is basically required Japanese but you can speak English. Most foreign engineers have improved their Japanese language skill through living in Japan. The average overtime is 11.8h/month (2018). Usually you can take days off as you expected.

[Future plan]
We have a plan to establish a branch of our company in Vietnam, which enables you to go back to your country and continue to work with us.

Our office is located in Matsusaka city in Mie prefecture in Japan. The city is rich in nature, calm and away from Nagoya about one and a half hours, from Osaka about two hours by train. The living cost is lower than big cities and no danger if you walk alone at night.

Mie prefecture
Population : about 1.8 million

Ise City
Ise city is next to Matusaka city. It's famous for a historical shrine. There are many tourists from all over the world. This is the place where G7 Ise-Shima Summit took place in 2016.

Suzuka City
Its racing course is well known to the sport car fans. F1 Grand Prix in Japan 2019 will take place in the city.

Iga City
Iga is the area where Ninja would live many years ago. Now the city runs a Ninja museum so that you can enjoy the show or seeing the Ninja house.

If you are interested in working for us, please don't hesitate to contact us.
When you send an email to us, please include your name, sex, student number, faculty and grades.

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